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On the Back Bar with Joe Prout, Marussia Beverages

On the Back Bar with Joe Prout

Business Development Manager for Marussia Beverages

thanks for joining us today Joe. To start lets talk about how you started out in hospitality, first career defining moment?

Started in a golf clubhouse just after the 18th, was a few years into playing as well; so easy to get out for a few holes. Had the best views on summer nights, and in the winter it was dark by 5pm so could just go home and chill.
Worked there maybe 4 years – couldn’t have asked for a better place to learn what hard work and a solid team meant, we got taught how to do everything in that place.

Defining moment? Being worked to the bone from day 1 by my first boss; no messing about, no questions asked – set me up for a life of ‘getting the job done’. Put me right in my place he did

How did you get involved with Marussia beverages?

I knew of Marussia from the Bournemouth League days, maybe 5 years ago now. When first looking for brand roles, they were on my ‘check career page everyday’ list.

Maybe a year ago I received a message from a recruiter, and the rest is history. I had some other interviews going on at the time, but would have picked Marussia any day of the week.

your role is as a business development manager, whats that like?

It’s hard work; early starts, late finishes, and not a lot of rigidity for a leisure time. It’s all about looking after yourself, remaining 100% professional and responsible in all situations, and being on the industry ball 24/7.

i KNOW THAT PART OF YOUR ROLE IS TO ORGANISE INDUSTRY EVENTS, Where do you draw your inspiration from when creating TRAINING SESSIONS and cocktail competitions?

All inspiration comes from making it fun for bartenders; whether it’s a new or established concept. I guess where I was one, I like to think about what I would go to.

At the end of the day, turnouts are the driver for these things, and you just have to click on to what would make someone swap their shift, or change plans on their days off.

IS THERE ANYONE Who out there is rocking the bar world for you?

My Instagram feed, or work profile anyway, is swarming with cool stuff every day. I like the top end who constantly push themselves, but to be fair I respect anyone who is running a business to the best it can be for their customers.

I respect a perfect pint of Guinness as much as I do a ridiculous drink – its hard work and stress at all ends of the scale, and not just in producing the final product.
Either way, big Tony C fan, so anything going on in those places I’m fully onboard for.


It’s important to see trends from a consumer’s point of view. As much as we get into new deep industry territory topics, a lot of consumers won’t be at that same level for years to come. Predominantly, Gin is still always the first thing consumers will chat about in an open conversation.

Clear emerging trends? Hard to say, but Rum is on the tips of tongues more and more…
Industry wise, I think fewer ingredient, cleaner, chic developed drinks may tick over more and more in all styles of venues

Lastly, What are you drinking these days jOE?

Coffee and beer…
And then, Martini’s and Manhattans, these days are forever – 5-1, pre-batched, undiluted, out of the freezer, Xbox on…

Things a little more exciting, loving a young Calvados these days; juicy..

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